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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and every once in while he is going to do something out there that makes you scratch your head, whether it's a wrong decision or an easy play that is not made, but a difference-maker, i'm telling you. i go back to 2009 with the yankees and red sox were both in it for mark teixeira. and the yankees got him and won the world series that year. >> kenny: granderson, deep left-center, and with a stand-up double. well, we've been talking about daniel murphy all night long. j.p. morosi caught up to him prior to the game and asked murphy how special it will be to head to his second all-star game this coming tuesday. >> my daughter will be there. if she wasn't at the last one. my son was. i think it's a really humbling experience, i'm truly honored to be selected, and really looking forward to spending this of my family. it's a great opportunity, four days, off from the regular-season, try to pour it ba
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stretch run in the second half. >> jon paul: daniel, it's been a few days that you have been hitting ahead of bryce harper. what have you liked about that arrangement so far? >> well, we all know how dangerous prices. so anytime i can put together a good at-bat and get on base, it puts more pressure on the other team. with the way jayson werth's been swinging the bat at the top of the order, we are trying to stack good bets on top of each other, and the lineup is lengthening. >> jon paul: .409 batting average, five homers in 11 games against her former team. how good has fl? >> it's always nice to beat a division opponent. >> jon paul: that's it? >> yes, sir. >> kenny: do think daniel was ready for that one? >> tom: yeah, he's going to run for office. he is so careful, right there. >> kenny: he nearly won the fan vote. he finished 88 votes shy of ben zobrist at the second base position, both with over 3 million votes, and they were separated by 88. >> tom: and murphy is from
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it to the courts. what's get a recount on that boat. >> kenny: hanging chad. >> tom: his family is just not big enough. where are all the second cousins? 88 votes out of all of the millions cast. >> kenny: neil walker, center field, the catch is made by revere for out number two. we have been talking about murphy and scherzer. how about scherzer against the mets this season? three starts, 20 2/3 innings, eight hits, two earned runs. >> tom: kenny, he tough on everybody. we talk about the guy leading the national leagues in strikeouts against the team that has the third highest strikeout rate in the league. too much of the mets offense is predicated on home runs. it's a nice thing to have, but where are the other ways to win a game?
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>> kenny: one languorous pinch-hitting for bastardo, and he takes a called strike, nothing and one. >> tom: the mets have won only five games this season without a home run. >> kenny: they've hit 120. the nationals now with 123 home runs, which leads the national league. one from daniel murphy tonight. >> kenny: 1-2. >> tom: of course tonight, scherzer has the luxury of facing a mets lineup without you when assessed but who p
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or may possibly be available to pinch-hit tomorrow. i doubt it though, i'm sure with a all-star break coming up, they would rather continue to give him days off to rest that strained quad. >> kenny: cespedes and syndergaard, both replaced in the all-star game. although syndergaard will head to san diego. in fact, terry collins told us that he will probably throw for about 10 minutes with his pitching coach, dan warthen, on hand tuesday. but will not pitch in the game. and then will be pushed to the back end of the rotation following the break, which will give him ten full days off. there's dan warthen. part of the mets coaching staff. they will all be heading out to san diego with terry collins.
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>> tom: you talk about syndergaard. he throws harder than anybody in baseball. hardest fastball in baseball, hardest changeup, hardest slider. there is wear and tear with the extreme velocity that he has, even with that big body that he has. >> kenny: lagares down on strikes to end the inning. so we head to the ninth at citi field, 6-1, nationals.
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hing twist on lemon lime. insist on the twist. >> kenny: max scherzer went seven innings, allowed only one unearned run. sponsored by falcon tires, the official tire of maj l
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>> tom: this game was in the balance in the first inning, two runners on, one run in already against shares are scherzer, and he buckled down and got the strikeouts of cabrera and nimmo. after that, he discovered that are as the night went on. >> kenny: mets opened the bottom of the first with runners on second and third. neil walker with a sacrifice fly, he would hit james loney with a pitch, but would strike out cabrera and nimmo, and the nationals would score the next six runs. erik goeddel up to pitch for the nets mets here in the ninth, facing pinch-hitter chris heisey, batting for the pitcher, rivero. and he chris heisey drills this one into the left field corner. extra bases for chris heisey, a stand-up double, leading things off for the nationals here in the top of the ninth.
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so, with a runner in scoring position, here's ben revere. 1 for 4, tripled in a run back in the third and would come into score himself. daniel murphy, who was called out on strikes in the first inning, singled in a run in the third, doubled in a run in the fifth, and then hit a two-run shot off antonio bastardo in the seventh inning. the first batter bastardo faced. murphy also took him deep on thursday night.
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on one hop, nice play by walker to retire revere. premium, the number one live streaming sports service, delivers everything you have come to expect and more. watch every out-of-market game live in hd on over 400 supported devices. visit for details. >> tom: ben revere thought he did his job thereby getting the ball to the right side, but heisey held up. he wasn't sure if walker might have been able to catch that on the fly. he just didn't get a good read on that. >> kenny: so heisey takes his leadoff of second, here's jayson werth, who has walked his last two times up and would come around to score on both occasions. >> tom: there's that man
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again. boy, it seems like there's always runners on base, too, when he comes up. >> kenny: athelstan et al. stas seal got his nickname. >> tom: the man, at brooklyn, at pittsfield. >> kenny: fans would say there is that man again, and he would say, stan the man. >> tom: so, your fishing for a dan the man for murph? >> kenny: perhaps. daniel murphy played in brooklyn with the cyclones back in 2006 and 2008.
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rain continues to fall here at citi field. top of the ninth inning, 6-1, nationals. as they look to open up a five game lead on the mets in the national league east. >> tom: jayson werth started to perk up a little bit lately after a slow start. think about this, kenny. jayson werth is the oldest everyday outfielder in baseball. keeps himself in great shape, 37 years old now, a couple of months older than coco crisp of oakland. a very important part of this offense, hitting in the 2-hole, because he does take so many pitches and extends at-bats. >> kenny: on the ground to the shortstop, cabrera. heisey moves to third.
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we take you back to the seventh inning, bastardo delivers, and murphy takes him deep. staff cast powered by amazon web services. >> tom: he knew it. he gave a little bit of woo! after contact right there. he has tremendous bat speed. you watch murph when he gets to a ball like that, how far the bat will travel behind him, the recoil. >> kenny: murphy with a single, a double, and a home run. our statistician passes along 612 games here at citi field. nobody has hit for the cycle. >> tom: swing for a triple, murph. i believe there has never been a cycle in the postseason, as
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marty is all over that. watch this swing. a two hand finished. i want you to watch how far the barrel will travel after contact. all the way behind the bad, actually hits himself in the wallet. that is some bat speed. perfectionist. still grinding up there. >> kenny: it's a divisional opponent. >> tom: i love the deadpan delivery, too. that was dead-on. >> kenny: j.p. tried. >> tom: you see the bat, the barrel of his bat has so much blue ink on it. that comes fro
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baseballs. the ink of the baseball. look at that bat. that tells you to things. he is squaring up the ball, and number two, he almost never breaks a bat. that is just remarkable how much ink is on that bat. he's been using that one for a while, and he has been squaring up pitches for a while. hitters are funny with their bats. albert pujols is the exact opposite. he hates incorporated or any kind of mark on his bat. if he squares one up the way that murph continually does, albert will clean his bat before the next time he comes up. murph likes them
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you see goeddel trying to get him out front. we talked about his balance is so good. he just spit all over that breaking ball. do you dare throw him a fastball? i would. >> kenny: let's see what goeddel has in mind. two outs, top of the ninth inning. >> tom: here it comes. fastball, in. >> kenny: payoff pitch to murphy, and he rips it fouled down the right field line. >> tom: that was almost the triple. if he keeps that one fair. >> kenny: he does have four triples the season. everything but a triple tonight.
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>> tom: changeup. >> kenny: and murphy draws a two-out walk. first and third for the nationals. tomorrow on mlb network, it's the sirius xm all-star futures game. monday on espn, the t-mobile home run derby. then on tuesday, don't miss the all-star red carpet show presented by chevrolet or did it all leads up to the midsummer classic, 7:30 eastern only on fox. daniel murphy will be in san diego. so will bryce harper. along with wilson ramos. stephen strasburg, although he will not pitch in the game, and max scherzer. first and third, two outs.
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and yes, tom, he has confirmed that there has never been a postseason cycle. >> tom: i was talking to break yesterday about ted williams, two pretty good left-handed hitters. bryce was telling me that ted said that there were two times where he was most uncomfortable against pitchers. one was the all-star game, and the other was when a rookie came up. in other words, seeing pitchers that he didn't have a book on. so i started thinking about how many different pitchers in this day and age that bryce harper has seen. check this out. this is at similar points in their careers, the first four years with ted in the first five with bryce. bryce harper has seen almost five times as many different pitchers threw a similar number of games as ted williams. that's just crazy. i knew there would be a difference, because of relief pitching in today's game, interleague play, more teams. but i had no idea the difference was that the vast. this is another case where bryce is going to see three different pitchers over the course of the
10:19 pm
this is the most difficult era in which to hit. increased velocity, increased number of pitchers. >> kenny: chopped foul off to the right side. >> tom: again, i will go back to what i said earlier about bryce and his baseball iq, such a fan of the game. for him, this kid at 23 years old, dropping ted williams knowledge on me. the two things that ted was most uncomfortable about. it shows you how much this kid loves the game of baseball. to play it, to watch it, to learn about it. >> kenny: center field. we head to the bottom of the ninth.
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>> kenny: and now greater coverage of baseball is sponsored by t-mobile. what a night, and what a season series against the mets it has been for daniel murphy. >> tom: that's unbelievable, the way he beat of his former team. one triple short of the cycle, adding another home run. all-star, daniel murphy. >> kenny: 12 game against the mets this season, six home runs, 19 runs batted in, including for tonight, as the nationals lead six to 16-1. matt belisle on to pitch here in the night. heisey stays in the game in left field for washington. cabrera leads off for the mets. he is 0 for 3, there is heisey.
10:23 pm
great job by our entire crew tonight here at citi field, led by our producer, director, technical director, the associate director. broadcast associate, pall mall burl. marty are enough crunching the numbers, along with mark saguaro. and our stage manager in the booth is scott aarons. steven matz, geo gonzales tomorrow. in the series finale. and then some of these players and coaches and terry collins will head to san diego. cabrera, deep left-center, back, on the track, heisey makes the catch up against the wall.
10:24 pm
>> tom: that game tomorrow shapes up as a big game for the mets. if you are steven matz, watching daniel murphy just wearing out your team, especially tonight. you have to go in the game tomorrow and say, i have to take my chances with bryce harper more than daniel murphy, because murph has just been that hot. when this holmes home stand, terry collins challenged his team to grind to the all-star break in these 11 games, and they have played well, but the shine of this home stand is starting to come off a little bit. but if they get out of here with a split of this four-game series, considering some of the poor injury news they have heard this week, i think they are in good shape. >> kenny: well, the mets had gone 7-1 up until last night's loss during this 11 game
10:25 pm
home stand, a four-game sweep of the cubs. 12 of three from the marlins. but two outs away from dropping their second straight to the washington nationals. the mets with only four co-hits last and four hits so far tonight. >> tom: too much scherzer and too much murphy. it's really that simple. >> kenny: brandon nimmo, down on strikes for out number two. follow live baseball with the at-bat app. stay up to the moment at any moment with game day, live games, video highlights, stat casted news, and more.
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number one app for live baseball on your phone and tablet. mets down to their final out, here's travis d'arnaud. he hung in there in his first two at-bats against scherzer, saw 17 pitches in those at-bats, and then struck out on three pitches in the seventh. national pitchers have struck out 11 tonight. nine for the starter, max scherzer, in seven innings. he allowed only three hits, one unearned run.
10:27 pm
>> tom: the all-star break will come at a good time for new york. getting some needed days off for both cespedes and syndergaard. but again, terry collins wants his team to get out there and grind tomorrow, find some way to split the series. >> kenny: the mets won the opener thursday, 9-7. but since then, they have been held to two runs on eight hits. over the last two nights.
10:28 pm
>> tom: this is the guy they really have to get going. i think is going to take a while, though. i think he rushed back, didn't really get a lot of abies a b'e minor leagues. there is a lot of rust in the game. the potential there for him to be a catalyst. >> kenny: the payoff pitch to d'arnaud, takes inside, ball four. the two-out walk issued by matt belisle. here's de aza, who has reached base three times. he has two of the four mets hits tonight. after coming in
10:29 pm
last 43. now the rain has picked up with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. strike one to de aza, as d'arnaud take second. >> tom: now we need to talk about the signs, because a runner is on second base. why that wasn't thought out beforehand, i don't know. >> kenny:
10:30 pm
four strike two. the 0-2 from belisle, and that will do it as de aza strikes out too and the ball game. the nationals, behind daniel murphy and max scherzer, defeat the mets for the second straight night by the score of 6-1. as murphy drives in four. another tremendous game against his ex-club, and max scherzer picks up his tenth win of the season. scherzer now 10-6. murphy 12 games against the mets, six home runs, 19 runs batted in. >> tom: the all-stars played like all-stars tonight. scherzer, in trouble in the first inning, one
10:31 pm
an two on, and the mets just couldn't put a dagger in. he was out there through seven innings. and daniel murphy, you called it. just read-hot, especially against his former team. >> kenny: so dusty baker's nationals take a five game lead on the mets in the national league east. scherzer, 10-6. logan verrett takes the loss, he drops to 3-6. washington now 53-36 on the season, as they lead to the mets by five games in the division, a 3-1 victory last night, 6-1 for the nationals here tonight. daniel murphy, 3 for 4, a single, a double, a home run, four runs batted in, leads the nationals with 64 on the season. a look at his
10:32 pm
two run shot against antonio bastardo. >> tom: that's the second time in the series he has gotten bastardo, both times on fastballs. you bring a lefty and, it doesn't matter to daniel murphy. left or right, he's dangerous. >> kenny: for the second type tonight, daniel murphy is with j.p. morosi. >> jon paul: thank you, kenny. array daniel murphy, rbi single, rbi double, an obvious way the two run homer. what has been the key to you having such great at-bats with men on base? >> well, there were guys on base. then hits a triple after max scores a walk, right there. so it's a tie ball game. i think it might have been 3-2. ben gets to third base, and actually jay hit the ball bullet, and there has been a lot of traffic on the base paths and i i've been the beneficiary. >> jon paul: it looks like a instant replay of thursday. were you surprised to see the same fastball from the same pitcher for the homer tonight? >> no, antonio has thrown the ball well against me before. i haven't had
10:33 pm
against him. these last couple games i've had a good swing off of them, and i'm sure it was a pitch that he wanted away in a leaked to the middle. fortunately i got a good pitch to hit. but again, the inning started with jayson werth on the walk to even give me a chance. he did that twice today, working walks. >> jon paul: you are having a big weekend in the same ballpark where he had a postseason hero just a short time ago. how much fun or you having right now? >> we are playing well right now. postseason hero is humbling, but there were 25 men over there last year that made a really good run to the postseason, i was just honored to be a part of it. excited to be on the washington side, and we have a chance to win the series against a really good club. >> jon paul: think so much for your time. >> kenny: thanks, jp. that will be tomorrow afternoon, the finale of this series, and then on to san diego for daniel murphy and four of his teammates. nationals when it, 6-1, here at citi field.
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san diego, tuesday, 7:30 eastern, only on fox. >> kenny: a couple of all-stars with terrific performances tonight. max scherzer, seven innings, allowed just an unearned run, an ex-mets, daniel murphy with a home run, a double, three hits, four runs batted in. good night from citi field.
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this h is fox5 local newses att 10. we cannot let the actions of a few define all of after a painful week in america, president obama speaks out about the deadly ambush against dallas police officers. as the headquarters receives a new threat and is put on lockoc down. a pieceful protests across thehe area. demonstrators show support for both law enforcement and thend black lives movement. it's been who the all week, butt some relieve from the humidityud appears to be in site.e. fox5 local newses starts rightht
10:43 pm
thanks so much for joining, i'm lauren demarco than a i'm matt ackland. we're going to begin tonightbegi once again in dallas where the city remains on edge just days after five police officers were killed. this evening parts of the city were put on lock down as police investigated an anonymous threay against four officers.offi officials searched a parkingarki garage next to their headquarters. some other buildings and even an light rail station, but latelate tonight the all clear was given. meanwhile we're learning newlear information about the gunman,gum micah johnson. he attended a self defenseefen school in texas two years ago.g. that school teaches people how to fire weapons and use tactic such as shooting on the move. johnson had a stash of weapons in his home and may have beenave preparing for his attack for we're learning more about the officers shot as well. >>reporter: the fbi along with local and state authoriti
10:44 pm
continue to investigate the ambush that killed five police officers. we should continue to do t everything we can to assist thet investigation in dallas and to support the police and the cityt of dallas as they deal with this tragedy. authorities combing dallas streets for evidence where a pieceful protests erupted thursday night.ight micah johnson was the loan shooter. a am toker army reservist was accused of sexual harassmenthara during his military deployment in afghanistan.fg the president saying one man's actions do not represent all americans.ans. the individual who carries outre the attacks in dallas, he's noes more representative of african-americans than the shooter in charleston was representative of whitete americans. or the shooter in orlando or san bernadine oh were representative of
10:45 pm
back in dallas the memorial forr the victims continues to grow. the father of slain dallas police officer patrick stamp wrist so says his son loved being a scope. i just hope that people realize that police officers are not all bad guys. they're here to help people. many streets in downtown dallasl remain closed.clos meanwhile the loan shooter was killed by a bomb carrying roboto deployed by police.ed b in dallas, joe waldman, fox meanwhile here in the district a somber gather of the national law enforcement officers memorial in northwest. people joined together to honor the lives of the officers murdered in dallas. fox5's lindsay watts is life ati the memorial with more on this. lindsay. >>reporter: well, matt ifif you've never been to this memorial, the wall that that circles all around here has been names of fallen officers from across the country.ount there will soon be five
10:46 pm
additional names added hereere after the officers were murderee in dallas on thursday night. tonight their lives were remembered. (music playing) it was organizez by a local group called united for pollution a nonprofit thata works together to bring a laww enforcement and the communities together. they sang and lit candles and read the names of each of those five officers killed in dallas.l the two founders of this groupgr are wives of police officers, one in d.c. and one in prince george's county.on he talked to themgeor and an ofr visiting from utah about what at difficult time it is to wear a badge both for officers andoffi their families. we have five-year old twins andd also older children an
10:47 pm
younger girls when daddy leaves for his shift we say love you, hugs and kisses and hopes he makes it home. you just don't know what's going to a. you know when they becomeo a police officer that their job is duane reluctance so differenc now. it'sta becoming harder and hard. new law enforcement officersforc coming in you oh a lot oflot respect to them because it's a hard and difficult job. the ceremony finished up with taps as well as a prayer. back here life, the memorial is quiet now.. both today and yesterday peoplep have been coming here to honor
10:48 pm
officers, some leaving cards ass well as flowers here for them. we're life in judiciary square,, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > this was the scene earlierari tonight in northwest, dozens of protestors percent fly marching, the demonstrate os showing theii solve bring with the black live matter movement the. they're calling on police departments across the countryot to enact reform. police are often againstften african-american men and womenen and that sometimes leads to deadly consequences like thethe deaths this week. police officers across thethe country and here in this area say l am people don't realize how tough officers' jobs are.. they're devoted to their communities often helping otherp even when they're not on the job. they shared some photos of their officers,
10:49 pm
officer helping a woman change a tire. while am say they do recognize they do a great job, there is need for improvement. somewhere along the line theyine need to find out what it is they need to correct. they have to be in a protective mode for them doing their job. as people we need to try to acknowledge what has happened, figure out we can now start setting things in motion to move this country forward. better community outreach, more, police training and moreore dialogue is needed to bridge the gap. stay with fox5 for continuing coverage on the dallas policece shooting. we'll have the very latest onats air and on our website, fox5 you can also check in with us on twitter and facebook. > let's take turns for theor
10:50 pm
like outside right now.igh here is a life look outside onus this saturday evening.ev boy, has it been a who the weeke i hope you had some chance to cool off today, maybe a pool orl even maybe you visited the beaches.ache we're seeing the national capital wheel there in the distance. >> very cool.y co > gwen joins us to talk about how tonight is looking and whatd we can expect for tomorrow. >> hi there, today was another who the day, we a little bit oft humidity to deal with. wi here's a look at the highs inhs all three airports into the low 90s and we have a frontal system we're keeping a close eye on. that frontal system is to the now. it's a few little l rain showerl and a couple of storms that popped up earlier mainly across southern maryland and acrossacro areas of the bay.he all of that is out of the picture now. we just have a few high clouds.u here's what we're waiting on, this frontal system to the norts isys going to move through toniu and as it does, behind it it's going to usher in some nice lome cooler air
10:51 pm
current temperatures 84 in the nation's cap l toll, 79 at dulles, 77 at winchester, 79 ati manassas and 83-degrees at annapolis and dewpoints are pretty good.pret they're getting there, prettyret comfortable folks in the ' 50s 0 and that's going to improve tomorroo as we have less humidity. for tonight, 7 # # degrees andes partly cloudy skies. clo your full forecast just ahead. back to you. new at 10, no word whether police will charge a man spotted weaving a bibi in an oxon hill neighborhood. officers con fronted thers antibody on you a you bring lane and he continued to waive theo gun in their direction. officers didn't know the man was holding a fake gun and thoughtt it was the real thing. he fired two shots when he refused to put the gun down. he ran into an apartment billing. police sunned it. the man's pofather got him toto they are still questioning theg man this evening.ven also in prince george's county, police are trying to figure out who killedry a landover hillshil woman.
10:52 pm
fredericks was found inside her home 071st avenue yesterday evening. officers say shed had visible injuries to her body. an autopsy will be conducted tod determine how she died, butd, right now police do the monthpoi have a motive or a sus ticket in the case. now to the district where a woman is facing murder chargesha after a male friend was stabbed to death. this took place early this h morning on hartford street.g that is in southeast.sout police say look tier a young lo stabbed alan smith. he was taken to the hospital foo treatment, but later died. investigators say this was a domestic-related incident. police are still trying to pieco together exactly what happened. and in fairfax county, a neighborhood is on edge after someone fired gun shots into a home. this happened last night on monica drive in herndon. police say a resident called 911 after hearing several gun shots. several shots hit the home. one made it inside. also while police were investigating, they
10:53 pm
gun shots fired from a nearby street. no one was hurt. police are now trying to findfid the shooter. > coming up next on fox5 news, a top american athlete is skipping out on rio. who will not be competing in the summer olympics over fear of zika virus. a metro employee is fired afterd two trains nearly collide. what officials have to say abouy this near disaster coming up. .
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♪ stand by me. > take a look at the sun in spain. a rocket carrying a three-member multi national crew stopped att the international space statione this morning.rnin on board was american
10:57 pm
kate rubin, an astronaut from japan and a russia cosmo naught. it is starting a four-month mission around the earth. i love seeing that.seei >> i do, too. > there's only one way to describe the weather that we've been having and it is. >> who the, who the, who the. > we complain about everythingt i actually don't mind. >> i'm fine with it if it's nott snowing, not freezing, i'm all right. be careful what you ask for,or right. remember this in the middle ofmd december or january.r ja well, you know what we've got a frontal system and that's whatha we're keeping an eye it's going to move throughmo tonight right here to the northh the mason dixon line. it's going to bring us from the unwanted house guest. right now 84-degrees at d.c. relative humidity finally dropping 46 percent.dr winds areop fairly light movingo from the west, northwest at about 9 miles an hour. temperatures in our neighborhood 78 at dulles, 81 at frederick fr
10:58 pm
at gaithersburg, 77 at quantico. it's still warm out there. the sneakiness throughout theth early part of the day and thennd we got a about it of a break. we have a westerly that's going to continue to billion dollarllr in. partly cloudy skies for tonightk not bad at all. but sunday is the day that i'mht definitely saying a thumb's up u to because that's where we're going to see lots of improvement, finally a break ina the the humidity and we really deserve it. it will be a cooler day tomorrow as well with the north westerlys wind. it will be a little bit of breezy. we have changes coming up. we'll look forward to it. one of the world's best golfersf plans to skip the summer olympic games in rio. justin announced that he's withh drawing.dr brazil has been dealing with the zika outbreak for months.mont about 13 golfers have pulled out of the games and a few of them including the
10:59 pm
one's golfer, justin day will not participate. a salt lake county healthount department says they still don't know the exact cause of death and they say they may never know. fox's keenan new necessary hasen the story. this is the first zika related death in the continental unitedn states. the deceased individual was elderly and had an underlying medical because of those factors the health h department)[r says whie this person positive forth zika russ they do not know the exact cause of death and they do not know how the zika vie instruments contributed to this person's death. he traveled to parts of the world where mosquitoes are knowe to carry the virus. the health department get thehe test results showing the persone had the virus until after he ore she died in the end of june making this case the
11:00 pm
confirmed zika related death inh the continental us. experts say there is currently no threats of the virus in utah. although they have detected the presence of the mosquito in the state ofth utah previously they have not been able to establish so we have no current worry from our local mosquito superb ease s to transmit the zika virus. your turn. up next for the fox5 news, another local man is accused of trying to help. a warning for some travelers industry iting the us over tensions over recent police shootings. we'll have the details coming up load the movie "up in the air" we'll have to watch while she's... up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics.


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